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1 Brookings Dr, Umrath Hall, East Entrance, Lower Level​
St. Louis, MO 63130

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Washington University Campus YMCA

Washington University Campus YMCA

Welcome to the Washington University Campus Y! Serving the Wash U community since 1911, the organization offers 24 community service programs that are student led and student run. More than 800 students participate in our programs each year, providing much needed services throughout the community.

Since 1911, the Washington University Campus Y has been creating civic leaders of consequence through programs that engage students in community involvement and social justice. As a branch of the YMCA of Greater St. Louis, our Student Members are a part of the global YMCA movement to build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.


The Campus Y is a student-centered organization dedicated to developing ethical leaders of exemplary character by applying the principles of the YMCA of Greater St. Louis in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis.


Sharing the belief that freedom, dignity, and opportunity for all people are essential to the realization of a more just and humane world, the Campus Y community works to expand social commitment and foster meaningful relationships. We strive to serve the community, to develop leadership skills, and to expand ethical understandings.


The Executive Council serves as the primary programming and policy-making body for the Campus Y. Other leadership responsibilities are carried out by the Program Leaders. Program Leaders recruit and manage volunteers for the programs offered each academic year.


Campus Y Student Members are volunteers from all classes and all areas of study at Washington University. They represent some of the most caring and committed leaders across a broad spectrum of interests among our student body. Each Member enjoys the satisfaction of seeing the impact of their program, as well as the experience of making significant advances in their own development as a leader.

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