Next Level Fitness: CrossFit, Barre, & More!

Build Yourself Up With Next Level Fitness at the O'Fallon Illinois YMCA

Are you looking to take your workout to the "next level"? We can help! Next Level Fitness is a variation of programs designed to push you to the "Next Level" of your fitness routine. Each program provides a constantly varied, functional workout with a high level of intensity designed to help you exceed your potential, no matter your current level of fitness.

Next Level Fitness Package Pricing:

$40 / month / 1 member

$60 / month / 2 members

$80 / month / 3 members

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Classes are unlimited and include: CrossFit, Barre, Boot Camp, Synrgy HITT, and Functional Strength.

Learn more about Next Level Fitness here.

Register for CrossFit Kids here. (Session class: not a part of Next Level Fitness, offered for ages 3-12.)

O'Fallon YMCA CrossFit at O’Fallon Illinois YMCA: Brandus Williams • • 618-628-7701

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