Next Level Fitness: CrossFit & More!

Build Yourself Up With Next Level Fitness at the O'Fallon Illinois YMCA

Are you looking to take your workout to the "next level"? We can help! Next Level Fitness is a variation of programs designed to push you to the "Next Level" of your fitness routine. Each program provides a constantly varied, functional workout with a high level of intensity designed to help you exceed your potential, no matter your current level of fitness.

Monthly Package Includes: Unlimited access to CrossFit and Next Level  classes
Member Price: $40/month/member (discounted options for additional members in the same household)
Ages: 16+

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Classes are unlimited and include: CrossFit, Boot Camp, and Functional Strength.

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CrossFit 284

The O'Fallon Illinois YMCA offers a certified CrossFit Box with highly trained and certified CrossFit instructors ready to lead you through a variety of high intensity workout routines. Instructors aim to inspire all levels and push your personal goals to the next level. CrossFit involves lifting objects of all shapes and sizes, jumping distances and heights you never thought possible, and running for distance and speed. The best part? The CrossFit team's camaraderie pushes each other to be their best self!

Our Certified CrossFit Trainers:

Shawn Ackridge: L2 CrossFit Trainer
Nan Luhrsen: L1 CrossFit Trainer
Susy Hernandez: L1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit 284 at O’Fallon Illinois YMCA Contact: Amy Weisbrodt • • 618-628-7701

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