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Real Stories

  • Meet Jeff

    "Even though I've been doing this my whole life and consider myself an advanced weight lifter, I can still learn a few things."

    Jeff has been a member of the Y for six years and we look forward to seeing him everyday during his lunch break.

  • Meet Lindsey

    “We see those we work with grow over the course of a year."

    The Greg Delos Y-Tutoring Program at the Washington University Campus Y provides an opportunity for more than 100 Campus Y volunteers to reach out into the St.

  • Meet Andrew

    Andrew i

  • Meet Minnie

    "I am just blessed to be here."

    Minnie Woods came to the YMCA in the 1980's to take swimming lessons and for socializing after the passing of her husband and son.  After she completed her class, she was asked if she

  • Meet Jasmine

    "The YRead Program made a huge difference in our lives."

    Jasmine works hard and earns good grades, but her mother worried that she struggled with reading comprehension.  After being unable to get help through her local school district, Jasmine&rsquo

  • Meet Maggie

    “This program helped me to become a better parent."

    Maggie found support while staying at Haven of Grace, a home that helps pregnant young women redefine their lives.  She attended parenting classes through YMCA Community Development’s Be

  • Meet Aliza

    "The Y has definitely helped me understand how to be a part of a community."

    I came to O’Fallon, Illinois from Australia three years ago with my husband and our three children as a part of a military exchange program.  We joined the YMCA quickly after arriving.

  • Meet Stephen

    "If I was not going to the Y at my age with my health problems (bad hips), I’d be in a wheelchair."

    “If I was not going to the Y at my age with my health problems (bad hips), I’d be in a wheelchair.” Stephen Voss has been a YMCA member at least 12 years.

  • Meet Jackie

    "She gently nudged me into exercising, building my confidence."

    Back track to 90 days ago. In my early 60's, poor self-esteem, overweight and hate exercise. 

  • Meet Brandy

    "I am able to continue my education and work toward my dream."

    Brandy is a strong, young mother working to support her daughter.  When she became pregnant during her junior year of high school, she panicked and worried, but stayed focused and finished hig