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Summer is Not Over! Plan a getaway to Trout Lodge.

Trout Lodge

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We can't wait to see you this summer at camp!

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Fall Soccer, Flag Football and Volleyball. Early Bird Registration is open through August 6.

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Real Stories from the Y

"I am able to continue my education and work toward my dream."

"The Y has definitely helped me understand how to be a part of a community."

Bobbie has found strength and confidence to keep moving forward and inspiring others.

"She gently nudged me into exercising, building my confidence."

Seven years ago, these ladies met in water exercise class... and have been friends ever since!

"Even though I've been doing this my whole life and consider myself an advanced weight lifter, I can still learn a few things."

"The Y is family focused, affordable, and accessible to everyone."

"The YRead Program made a huge difference in our lives."

“This program helped me to become a better parent."

"If I was not going to the Y at my age with my health problems (bad hips), I’d be in a wheelchair."

"I knew I needed to choose to save my life.”

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
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