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Group Exercise Classes

The Y offers a wide variety of your favorite group exercise classes FREE with membership. From yoga to cardio kickboxing, we have something for every interest and every fitness level.  Our experienced instructors will help you have fun and get healthy while you gain strength, endurance, and increased energy. Check out the list of FREE classes below.  Class lists and schedules vary, so please visit your local branch page to see the latest class schedules, or call or visit your branch.

Looking to get your heart rate up, increase your energy, lose weight, or simply have fun exercising... Cardio classes are a great option!  We offer step, kickboxing, Zumba, and dozens more! Click here for the full list.

You dont need to be an avid cyclist or a seasoned athlete to enjoy indoor cycling classes. Cycling is great for interval training, cardiovascular health, and endurance. The Y offers a variety of options including LesMills Sprint and RPM, Spinning, and more! Check out all of your options here!

Burn calories and maintain lean muscle mass with our classes that combine the best of both worlds. Click here for the full list.

Enjoy fun, yet challenging exercises that will strengthen your whole body in one of our strength training classes. Full list here!

Incorporating stretching classes into your exercise routine will increase flexibility, decrease risk of injury, improve athletic performance and contibute to a healthier YOU! Available stretching classes are featured on our Mind & Body page.

Exercise your mind as well as your body with one of our Mind & Body classes. We offer a variety of options including yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, and much more. Click here for a full list.

Whether you're looking for cardio, strength, flexibility or functional classes suitable for active older adults, the Y offers a variety of options. For a full list of fitness classes for seniors, click here!

Looking for classes youth fitness classes or even family fitness classes? The Y offers classes that the whole family can participate in, as well as some group exercise classes that are youth-friendly. Click here for the full list!