ymca camp lakewood staff hyping up the campers

Howdy, camp families, and welcome to our Couch to Camp series as we help to get you ready for camp! Summer is so close, and we know you're ready. But first, keep reading to meet some of our staff and the friendly faces you'll see this summer at YMCA Camp Lakewood! Plus, click here to meet the rest of our staff!

Did you know Camp Lakewood has its own herd of horses at the Triangle Y Ranch? Our Ranch Director, Melissa, has worked with our horses for over twenty years! In fact, we have a lot of folks here who specialize in their own area of expertise. While Melissa might be wrangling a mare at the ranch, our Leadership Director, Jessie, might be wrangling some ropes at the climbing wall. We also have Chelsea leading the arts and crafts studio and David managing our health center. In addition to all of their teams, we have plenty of other staff keeping Camp Lakewood running smoothly all summer long.

Your camper will get the chance to bond with other campers of similar age and gender in their cabins, led by cabin counselors. Cabin counselors will get to know the campers in their care during their stay and provide consistency in an environment full of new experiences and change. Our program staff come to us with a background in a specific area (or multiple areas!) such as boating, backcountry craft, or sports. Program staff will lead new and interesting activities for your camper’s group.

Camp Lakewood also has a team called the support staff. Support staff include behavioral specialists, program managers, and yours truly! As Camp Director, I work to provide the best experience for every camper at Lakewood. Additionally, our Senior Director, Erin, helps craft the vision of camp.

But perhaps the most important role a person can have at Camp Lakewood is: the camper! This summer you can step into the role and see the magic unfold for yourself.

Visit our staff page to learn about more of the fine folks on our team this summer. What area of camp would you be most interested in joining?

Rose, Camp Lakewood Director