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Public Policy

The Gateway Region YMCA is a health and human services nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charity where strengthening communities is our cause. Through advocacy at the local, state and federal levels, the Y is:

  • bringing families safe and affordable child care through early childhood education and before/after school enrichment programs.
  • youth and family development opportunities.
  • making healthy choices available in communities to help prevent chronic disease.
  • serving as a resource for healthy living, youth development and social responsibility for the public.

As part of our mision to serve the entire community, the Y provides financial assistance to allow access to our facilities and programs for children, adults and families who may be unable to afford our services. The Y counts, in part, on the generous donations from the public to ensure everyone--regardless of age, income or background--has the opportunity to participate in our programs.

Community Impact

The Y is proud to be a strong contributor to our state and local economies.  In 2013, the Y:

  • employed 3,000 part and full-time staff.
  • engaged 147,000 membersprovided 667,000 program enrollments.
  • received assistance from 5,300 volunteers.
  • gave $4.2 million back to our communities in direct and indirect financial assistance.


The Y welcomes opportunities to discuss legislative issues affecting children, families and communities.

We welcome the opportunity to educate and engage elected officials, policymakers, nonprofit and community organizations about the Y, our mission, community impact, expertise on youth and family issues and willingness to work collaboratively to better serve our community.  Our objectives are to:

  • advocate for laws and policies that support children, families and communities as well as collaborative funding opportunities for Y initiatives e.g. diabetes and obesity prevention.
  • develop strategic alliances with other nonprofit and community organizations to support community needs.
  • strengthen governmental policies supporting nonprofit, community-based organizations.
  • host nonpartisan forums and information sessions to ensure that our stakeholders are aware of political issues and opportunities impacting their communities.

For information regarding your voting district, or which member of the Missouri House or Senate represents you, log on to: