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University-Wide Blood Drives

Campus Y is now hosting University-Wide Blood Drives, to carry on a lifesaving tradition at Washington University in St. Louis, and we invite you to get involved.
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Education and Children

Enrichment opportunities allow for a meaningful experience in a student's life. Each of these programs assists in a school setting to allow our community youth the opportunity to advance their skills.
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Mentoring and Children

Each of these programs offer an opportunity to influence the lives of our St. Louis community youth. Whether it's an ongoing coaching program, or a one-day event, volunteers are able to provide leadership to area youth in a fun and engaging way.
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Advocacy & Community Outreach

These programs enlist volunteer service at local organizations that serve individuals or animals. Each program assists in some of the greatest needs of the St. Louis community
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There are several opportunities to develop as a leader in the Campus Y. Each category listed below provides experiential learning opportunities to help you sharpen your life and leadership skills.